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Welcome to the premier marketplace built and managed by industry leading publishers. Our experience investing in mobile & flash games provides us with expertise to compliment your title acquisitions.

Our market was built to provide each Publisher with actionable advice to market and monetize games. Grow your publishing business and learn what it takes to release cross platform hits!

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  • Kyle Waring

    Kyle Waring

    Kyle is a veteran in the flash gaming space with over $1,000,000 invested into game development and licensing throughout the past 5 years. Through his licensing & monetization efforts, Kyle has led to see unprecedented growth, leading to multiple website acquisitions including & in 2010 and in 2011.

    In addition to his experience launching top tier flash games and supporting syndication & distribution, Kyle has led mobile penetration with over 230 iOS and Android App releases. Apps released under Kyle's marketing direction have amassed over 23 million downloads to date!

Boston, Massachusetts