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Welcome to the first premier marketplace built and managed by industry leading investors. Our experience investing in flash & mobile games allows us to consistently evolve our product giving you more power and control in managing title acquisitions. Our vision is to provide each investor with insights into the market to help you make sound business deals that help you grow and expand your business.

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Whether you're looking for a sitelock in our secondary market or a primary title, our markets are designed to get where you want- fast. The logic behind our market is to help you streamline your resources. As business owners ourselves, we know there's always room to cut costs and improve efficiency. Learn more about our marketplace by getting a first hand look, contact us.

Our Investment Brokers

  • Kyle Waring


    Founder & Investment Broker

    Kyle started his career in 2003 developing and maintaining video entertainment websites. In 2005, he liquidated his portfolio & helped kickstart after its early reign by Eric Borgos. Since then Kyle has helped grow into a popular destination for games through his marketing, game acquisition, and monetizing experitise. In addition to guiding the development of, he has also helped acquire,, and

We're Located In Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn is notorious for indie game developers and innovators that have pushed the edge of gaming. These influencers have developed games for years and have changed the way we look at game mechanics and design. Our company is surrounded by these intriguing developers and their increasing satisfaction for creating games with pizzazz. Being located in Brooklyn offers us a chance to get to know these game developers, and analyze the progression of the industry.

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