An Invitation to Game Brokerage

by Kyle Waring on August 9, 2012

Welcome new members!  Game Brokerage currently has 20 registered Game Developers that span the industry’s leading talent.  Our spotlight game developers include Kris Antoni from TogeProductions (Infectonator and Nectronator series) Yowan Langlais from JuicyBeast studios (Burrito Bison, Bloom Defender and the epically acclaimed Knightmare Tower)  and Chaz aka FlashChaz (The Gun Game series, Azriel and a number of physics based puzzle platformers).

To those members who have uploaded sitelocks to the market, thank you!!  Over the past 2 weeks we have made tremendous improvements to the organizational structure of GB.  You’re help uploading games has helped us find several bugs and improvements in our backend code.  We appreciate your help and patience while we work through some of the important fundamentals of the marketplace.  In the process, we have reevaluated several key components of the market and have started rapidly developing the notification system.

In order for us to keep the momentum, we ask you to please invite your highly skilled friends in game development.  We will be announcing our Investor & Sponsor BETA release shortly, and aim to have 25 secondary market games available.


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