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Game Brokerage is a private marketplace for Game Developers, Investors and Sponsors

About Game Brokerage

About Game Brokerage

Game Brokerage is a private marketplace for high quality Game Developers, Investors and Sponsors. We offer a unique enviornment where developers & investors connect to buy and sell games.

Since it's inception in August 2010 our team of game developers, sponsors and programmers have logged thousands of hours building Game Brokerage. The result of this strenuous work is what you see today-- a multifaceted marketplace which provides invaluable access to network with industry elite.

High quality games deserve proper distribution and support from a premium sponsor. Likewise, sponsors rely on excellent developers to construct entertaining content that will attract audiences. The combination is lucrative and powerful for both parties. Our unique approach to brokering deals will help you save time, resources, and money.

Company Mission

Our company mission is to provide access to the most exclusive network of gaming Investors, Sponsors & Developers. Our application approach ensures our members are talented and experienced individuals. Through this process we refine our marketplace and reduce clutter to improve efficiency.

Our Team

  • Kyle J. Waring


    Founder & Investment Broker

    Kyle J. Waring started his career in 2003 at the age of 15 developing and maintaining his own website business. His passion for online games started in 2006 with his debut MMORPG game called Ghetoo was a text based RPG and simulated life in a Ghetto. Users would increase their power in the community by getting "kills" (you earned a kill by sending a link to your friends)

    At the time, there were only a handful of competitors in the market, all using the same technology and script. This made each game eerily similar. Ghetoo had a clear competitve advantage as it was a custom script that was developed from scratch by programming engineer Josh Marthaller. Total members grew over 100,000 and it became challenging to retain users after our 8 month in business. Advertising revenues could not sustain expensive prizes such as cash giveaway and consoles, and we were forced to shut down the site. Through this experience Josh & Kyle learned invaluable lessons about cultivating a community while managing to scale the business.

    Meanwhile, Kyle developed and sold several entertainment websites to internet entrepreneur Eric Borgos. Shortly thereafter, Kyle worked on curating content & working directly with Eric on design and development tasks. After a year of helping Eric, Kyle provided guidance on the ownership transition of in 2008. His extensive knowledge of analytics allowed him to prepare the new owner with insights which motivated a change in direction. Since then Kyle has helped grow into a popular destination for games through his marketing, monetizing, and game acquisition experitise.

    Kyle is a true industry pioneer with exceptional experience and understanding of online gaming. Throughout the past year, Kyle has led to acquire,, and Currently the network reaches 60 million unique visitors per month and is growing rapidly.

    Game Brokerage is a project in which Kyle has been developing since the summer of 2010. Since its inception, Kyle has worked around the clock to create a community of high quality game developers and sponsors. His firm grasp on licensing games and business development have contributed significantly to Game Brokerage's successful beta launch in May 2011.

  • Josh Marthaller


    Lead Engineer

    Josh Marthaller began experimenting with websites at the ripe at of 13 due to an interest creating a wrestling fan page. With the internet at his fingers, Josh tought himself how to code HTML and build his first websites. Over the years he has become an expert PHP and Javascript programmer through hundreds of hours of trial and error efforts.

We're Located In Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn is notorious for indie game developers and innovators that have pushed the edge of gaming. These influencers have developed games for years and have changed the way we look at game mechanics and design. Our company is surrounded by these intriguing developers and their increasing satisfaction for creating games with pizzazz. Being located in Brooklyn offers us a chance to get to know these game developers, and analyze the progression of the industry.

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