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Game Brokerage is an exclusive marketplace for Game Developers, Investors and Sponsors

Game Developers

Tired of trying to find the perfect sponsor for your game after you worked countless hours on development? Get your games in front of the right people within a matter of minutes, allowing you to focus on what you do best -- develop games.

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  • - Position your game in front of attentive Investors & Sponsors
  • - Leverage an exclusive network of industry elite
Game Developers

Investors & Sponsors

Don't waste any more time sifting through weak emails. Get exposed to the highest quality games available for licensing and receive personalized service from our seasoned brokers.

  • - Make offers in an open marketplace
  • - Meet talented and influential game developers
  • - Diversify your business by licensing in different markets
Investors & Sponsors

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What's Game Brokerage?

Game Brokerage is an exclusive marketplace for the upper echelon in online & mobile gaming. Currently invitations to our marketplace are initiated by our members and require an interview process. We assess each applicant to make sure our members are of the highest quality. Through this process our brokers alleviate clutter and produce a flourishing marketplace of industry elite.

We're different.

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Currently in BETA

Game Brokerage is led by serial entrepreneur and seasoned flash game investor, Kyle Waring. The market is currently available to an exclusive group of Game Developers. Our programming engineers are working around the clock to refine our marketplace.

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